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FYMgraphics is shareware

You can download a demo version in the download area and try it. If the software is useful for you, you can buy a licence key to obtain the full functionality. The licence key is valid for this release and all future releases of FYMgraphics as well.

The main features of FYMgraphics are:

  • Graphical display of the mind map
  • Easy navigation: the mind map can simply be dragged with the stylus or with the finger
  • Kinetic scrolling
  • Menubar with Shortcut-Icons for easy operation (Save, Icons, Notes, Undo, Redo, Menu)
  • Encryption compatible with FreeMind
  • Zoom-function
  • Multiline text
  • Variable font size
  • Multiple icons per node
  • Multilingual: German, English, French and Dutch. Many thanks to Ilga Bliek for the translations.
  • Single-click on a node opens the "Quick Context Menu"
  • Double-click on a node opens the editor
  • Supports all display resolutions (e.g. QVGA, VGA, WVGA)
  • Low resource consumption: runs even on slow Pocket PCs

  • A single-click on a node opens the "Quick Context Menu" that provides quick access to the most used functions.
  • Hold the stylus for a moment and the context menu for the selected node will open.

  • Click behind the node to collapse or expand it.

FreeYourMind is freeware

You can operate FreeYourMind via the main menu that can be activated by pressing the button „Menu“ in the lower menu bar, and via the context menu that can be activated by holding the stylus down for a short time.

The main menu contains the following items.

  • File management
  • Collapse and expand the tree
  • Options
  • Information about FreeYourMind
  • Exit the program

The sub-menu „File“ summarises all file operations.

  • Create a new mind map
  • Open an existing mind map
  • Save the current mind map
  • Open one of the recent mind maps
  • Close the mind map

The context menu offers functions for editing the selected node.

  • Edit the label
  • Create a new node
  • Add and remove notes
  • Add and remove icons
  • Encrypt or decrypt the selected node
  • Move the selected node up or down
  • Undo / Redo (20 stages)
  • Cut / Copy / Paste As / Delete

HTML-formatted nodes

HTML-formatted nodes are marked with "[H]" followed by an unformatted excerpt of the text.

When you choose "Edit" from the context menu on an HTML-formatted node, you first get an HTML-browser view of your text. This view cannot be edited directly.

Currently you only can edit this in pure HTML :(

Here are some more features

FreeYourMind is working in landscape orientation as well.

The sub-menu „Options“ allows for doing general settings.

  • Show icons
  • Colourise nodes
  • Open the most recent file at start-up

Copyright © 2011 Peter Schmidt, Munich